Belfast Political Walking Tour

The Belfast Political Tour is a 3-hour walking tour led by ex-prisoners from both a Republican and a Loyalist background.

The political conflict known as ‘the Troubles’ raged through Belfast and Northern Ireland from 1969 to 1998. On this tour you will hear the stories and the experiences of two different guides from either side of that conflict.

Your first guide will lead you on a walk up the Falls Road and describe the period of conflict to you from a Republican perspective. After 1.5 hours your first guide will hand you over at the Peace Wall to your second guide who will lead you through the Shankill Road area and describe the conflict from a Loyalist perspective.

Bookings can be made by giving us a call on (028) 95 739 113 or sending us an email to If you have any specific queries about the itinerary just get in touch and we will assist you in any way we can.




Tour Details

Pick Up:
Divis Tower
Drop Off:
Shankill Road

Belfast Political Walking Tour Itinerary

2:30pm Tour
  • Check in at Divis Tower at 2.15pm

  • Depart 2.30pm with 1st guide

  • Hand over at Peace Wall at 4pm with 2nd guide

  • Tour ends at 5.30pm on the Shankill Road